Hatha Yoga with Sis

Wednesdays, 1:00 – 2:15pm in Jesmond 

This Hatha Yoga class welcomes all and is suitable for beginners.

This is a gentle yoga class focusing on flowing mindful movement with the breath to build flexibility, strength and balance. The class aims to increase awareness of the body, breath and mind, includes breathing techniques, posture and movement work and relaxation.

If you have any questions at all about this class, please do get in touch and I will be delighted to discuss your circumstances and expectations in more detail.

Beginners are always welcome!

Early 2018 Class Dates:

January: 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

February: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Cost: £40 per calendar month in advance or £12 per session if booking individual classes.

Spaces are limited to a maximum of 8 in this class, so please pre-book to ensure there is a space available for you!

Restorative Yoga with Sis 

NEW TIME! Fridays, 13:00 – 14.15pm  in Jesmond

Relax and renew! A great, stress-busting way to end the week and restore balance to the mind and body.

This class is about being rather than doing; finding stillness in comfortable restorative poses, supported by blankets, bolsters and other props to encourage blissful, deep relaxation. An antidote to the busyness of everyday life.

All welcome – no experience needed.


Early 2018 dates:

January 19th , 26th

February 9th, 26th

Cost: £48 payable in advance for the four classes, or £15 per class if you are booking individual classes.

Please note the spaces are limited to a maximum of 6 per session, so please make sure you pre-book your space!

Yoga Nidra Relaxation & Meditation Class

Fridays, 2.30 – 3.15pm in Jesmond 

This class is designed to help you relax deeply. Yoga Nidra, sometimes known as yogic sleep is a profound, deep relaxation practice in which you are systematically guided towards a state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness and then invited to explore felt sensations and simply rest in this deep relaxed awareness.

If you are not sure if this class is for you, please do get in touch.  I am always very happy to discuss your individual circumstances and needs in more detail to help you decide.

Beginners are always welcome!

Early 2018 dates:

January 19th

February 26th

Cost: £10 per session.

Please note the spaces are limited to a maximum of 8 per session, so please make sure you pre-book your space!



If you would like to find out more or book a place on one of my courses now or in the future, please get in touch using the contact form or email me at sis@yogasis.co.uk I will be glad to hear from you and help in any way I can.


I fully understand that if you have not done yoga before, or if you are just not sure if one of my classes is for you, so I am always happy to offer free taster sessions provided I have spaces available for that day, so do ask me about trying before you buy!