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“As a working mum with a young family – practising yoga gives me the time and space to focus on me. The improvements in my physical and emotional well-being that I have felt over the last year are invaluable.”


“I feel so enlivened and relaxed after a yoga session, and my mind and body feel so much benefit as if I’ve cleared out all the crap and cobwebs!!”


“I look forward to my weekly yoga sessions as they provide time out of the week where I feel I can truly switch off and focus purely on me. Whether this is through concentration on a posture, relaxation and breathing techniques or a more internal focus it helps me to de-stress.”


” I am surprised to say that, physically I feel 10 years younger! I was starting to feel really achey in the mornings, especially my ankles, and often my lower back as well, but since practising with Sis each week, the aching has gone, and I haven’t had any backache at all.  I never really understood what people meant by having a strong ‘core’, but I think I do now, and it feels great – good for my posture, too.”


“Practising Yoga makes me feel on top of things.  In control.  Calm.  Positive. Takes away aches and pains and improves mobility”